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Congratulations to May 2020 Yards of the Month!

Socially Distanced Yard of the Month

To minimize contact between volunteer judges and the community, the Yard of the Month program has gone virtual. While KDB typically awards several residential yards across the city, until further notice, KDB will award one people's choice residential yard winner.

Volunteer judges surveyed nominated yards to ensure qualification and photos of each yard were posted on Facebook for a weeklong public voting period. Thank you to everyone who voted for their favorite yard!

Congratulations to May's winning yards!

701 Seville Street
Steve and Joanne Spurgin garden for the enjoyment it brings, and hope people will take an interest in gardening and nature too. When selecting what to grow, the couple keeps water consumption needs low, focus on native plants to attract pollinators, and try to find unique species to add. They also mix in vegetables and herbs, including dill and fennel, which also attract butterflies. The Spurgin’s have filled their yard with over 200 plant species! A few plants you will find are lantana, milkweed, daylilies, tomatoes, and parsley. Bluebonnets also grow in the couple’s yard. Although there is debate on when to spread bluebonnet seeds, the Spurgin’s distribute the seeds in the spring when the plant produces it and wait to see what happens. We are excited to see where the flowers will pop up next spring!

Congratulations to our May Business Yard of the Month, the Bettye Myers Butterfly Garden on the Texas Woman’s University campus. Designated as a Monarch Waystation, the butterfly garden boasts a lovely variety of flowers, including coneflowers (bachelor buttons), poppies, evening primrose, larkspur, phlox, gerbera daisy, and cornflowers. Find Phase II of this garden by the Little Chapel in-the-Woods and enjoy the Carroll Abbott Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary is a section of the garden dedicated to the memory of Carroll Abbott. He and Dr. Blagg-Huey, former TWU President, chaired the committee who initiated the Native Plant Society of Texas.

An Inside Look at KDB’s Yard of the Month Program

YOM Header

Lantana, Turk’s cap, and buffalo grass, oh my! Keep Denton Beautiful's Yard of the Month recognizes Denton residents who contribute to the overall aesthetics and health of our city by maintaining exceptionally clean and beautiful properties. Often, homeowners describe their yards as long-term experiments or labors of love. Their yard is not only their property, but a way to invest in the community, be a good neighbor, and promote a sustainable environment.

When we first moved in the yard was pretty much nonexistent and had been totally neglected. All the planting beds were just weeds, no ornamentals. Everything we do in our yard is to reduce water and bring pollinators. I rarely water the planting beds and water the lawn deeply about every 2 weeks. I always keep my grass at 4 inches and routinely top dress with Dynolite.” Nathan Reed, Oct. 2019 Winning Yard Recipient

Nominations for the program are open to the public year-round with awards presented from March through November of each year. KDB volunteer Judges recognize several Yards of the Month from all over Denton with our signature yard signs. We sat down with Beverly McClure, an experienced judge, to hear what she values about the program.

Q & A

Q: When and how did you hear about the Yard of the Month Program? How long have you been volunteering as a Judge?

A : I first heard about the Yard of the Month in the Denton Record Chronicle, it peaked my interest as I had seen the Yard signs in beautifully landscaped yards for years. I have enjoyed volunteering as a Judge for 3 years.

Q: What is your favorite thing about the Yard of the Month program?

A: There are several reasons why I have so much fun serving as a Judge. I have learned a lot about gardening, designing, native plants by observing people's yards, what plants thrive in the Denton landscapes, what plants and bushes thrive well together, and observing people's yards has given me great ideas for my yard. I am fascinated by the ideas other people use in their yards, they deserve to be recognized for the thought and hard work they put into their yard. Another reason serving as a Judge is meaningful to me is meeting the homeowners, hearing their different and unique stories of their choices for their yard, plants, water features and wildlife. Also, I feel Denton is a great community of people, volunteering as a Judge is a great way to give back to the community, contribute toward a sustainable, and healthy environment for us and residents of Denton to come all without a huge time commitment.

Q: Why do you think public nominations are an important piece of the program?

A: Public nominations are crucial to recognizing the hard work so many people put into their yards. It is impossible for the volunteer Judges to find every nook and cranny in Denton. Denton residents drive through the streets of Denton every day observing landscapes, they can be so helpful by making a quick call giving the address.

Q: Do you have any words of wisdom for individuals considering volunteering to be a judge?

A: Volunteering as a Judge with the Yard of the Month is fulfilling, fun, interesting, and rewarding. The Judges get back so much more than the few hours invested monthly. It is a very positive experience for the Volunteer Judge, without needing prior experience.

For more information about the program, how to nominate a yard, and the application to become a volunteer Judge visit the Yard of the Month webpage.

Congratulations! Yard of the Month Winners April-July

April's Winners

What we Love!

400 N. Carroll Blvd. - Independent Bank’s Denton branch has bright pops of color and their entire lot is landscaped handsomely - even the parking dividers!

1404 Sandy Creek Dr. - Kathy Massey loves her neighborhood and Denton, and it shows. We are attracted to the perfectly paired flowers, bushes, and trees in her well-edged yard.

2404 Whispering Oaks - The Herbert's yard not only has established Oaks, but also Japanese Maple and native plants. In spring, irises grow from bulbs given to Wenda by her grandmother – the finishing touch to the beautiful yard.

2809 Nottingham Dr. - The Fausey’s yard is filled with over 80 plants from a variety of species including native plants ranging from persimmons to redbud to sage with other commonly known plants such as cilantro, lavender, and sunflowers taking root.

May's Winning Yards

What we love!

705 N. Locust St., Mulkey-Bowles-Montgomery Funeral Home - So much to see - a nice green lawn, flowers, shrubs, a fountain, and beautiful magnolia trees!

901 Jackson St. - Jeff Wilson grows plants that Gladys, his wife, is fond of including knockout roses and tropical plants. Grown with love has an additional meaning!

1917 Willowwood St. - Lloyd and Elizabeth Fitzpatrick's robust variety of shade-loving plants among stately trees overhead.

2204 Parkside Dr. - Donna's stunning assortment of flowers including peonies and irises as well as numerous ferns that create a woodland effect.

2217 Emerson Ln. - Hearty Texas evergreen plants, beautiful in all seasons!

2509 Oak Park Rd. - Christina Wassum’s abundance of native plants such as Red Yucca, enjoyed by hummingbirds, Autumn Sage, and native trees.

8217 Montecito Dr. - A front yard full of bluebonnets and adapted Lacebark Elm shade trees - a perfect Texas combination.

June's Winning Yards

What we love!

118 W. Congress St., Flowergarden 118 - Owned by Cindy Simmons, this business makes the most of their compact yard with a tidy, rock-filled raised bed featuring potted plants and a fountain artfully maximizing a small space.

120 Forest St. - This yard has vibrant pops of color! The homeowner, Kirsten Kaae, is a fan of springtime and likes to cultivate plants that accent the variety that nature has to offer.

802 Crescent St. - The colors of the plants and flowers in Debra Wells' yard perfectly complement each other and the property's cobblestone patio adjoining a deck-style porch. Tom May (Tom May Landscape) is contracted to plan and plant her yard.

1024 Sante Fe St. - The Farlow's yard has dimension. From shrubbery used on tiered landscaping to flower beds to trees, plant of a variety of size and color fill this yard.

2017 Fordham Ln. - Sherry Bryant's yard is multigenerational family project. We love the variety including Azaleas, ferns, and even vegetables.

2400 Oak Park Rd. - Linda Hudspeth's yard shows off native plants including spirea, hostas, daylilies, roses, Turk’s Cap, and zinnias among others. We love the variety and the pops of color!

July's Winning Yards

What we Love!

215 E. University Dr., Shambhala Wellness Center  - The variety found in this yard is fantastic from a very old pecan tree and crape myrtle to flowers including chrysanthemums, roses, coneflower, dusty miller, periwinkle that greet you as you pass.

709 Bolivar St. - In addition to the landscaping, the porch area is charming with its various potted plants, decor, and seating. The yard’s design fits this home perfectly.

1018 Hopkins Dr. - The beautiful caladiums were planted by their ten-year-old granddaughter who claims much of the credit for this yard! This yard brings the homeowners a lot of happiness, “You turn the corner and come into your driveway and it makes you feel good, even if you are having a bad day.”

1313 Palo Verde Dr. - The homeowners Steve Wolverton and Lisa Nagaoka worked over the years to develop this landscape into a vibrant xeriscape of mostly native, drought-tolerant plants.

1909 Archer Trl. - Denise Ray does all the work herself and keeps her yard free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and herbicides.

2019 Georgetown Dr. - Jeanne Jacobs’ yard is well-planned to have plants blooming year round. During the summer Shasta daisies fill a front flower bed, and during the winter, Christmas Camellias bloom yellow and red.

2601 Timber Trl. - Linda Spies’ yard boasts pretty beds and pops of color. We love the roses and bougainvillea, and dew, a colorful groundcover!

2900 Santa Monica Dr. - This evergreen yard is a great example of using vegetation for water savings and erosion control. Located on a hill, this yard features ground cover comprised entirely of jasmine – no grass at all!

3301 Camino Real Trl. - In addition to the beautiful flowers and shrubs, we love the two young Pecan trees in this yard!