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Celebrating Summer! Congratulations, June & July Yard of the Month Winners!

Keep Denton Beautiful started the 2020 Yard of the Month season awarding the winning yard for the Yard of the Month program through a public vote on our Facebook page. In July, we transitioned back to our typical process - leaving door hangers to notify residents of their nomination and awarding one yard as their district's winner.

In these summertime yards, you'll find a wide variety of native species. These Texas natives can hold their own in the heat with minimal need for supplemental watering. Environmentally friendly and beautiful- seems like a win-win to us!

Just a few of the plants you'll find:

918 N. Elm St. - boxwood, hollies, lorpetulum, spirea, & Variegated Loripe
2528 Jamestown Ln. - Gulf Muhly grass, phlox, Mexican petunia,Texas rock rose, Gaura, & Yucca

1613 Amherst Dr. - salvia, lilies, coneflowers, creeping phlox, Turk's cap, and a Live Oak tree
715 Gober. St - blue agave, elephant ears, marigolds, sweet potato plants, cedar tree
1333 Cambridge Ln. - Echinacea, pink coneflowers, lamb's ear, Hosta, ferns, Redbud and Acer trees
414 Parkway St. - Impatiens, boxwood, hollies, Vinca major, Dwarf Nandina, oak & crepe myrtle trees

June Winning Yards

July Winning Yards

Business Member Spotlight – Painted Flower Farm

Photo: Shelby Powell

Painted Flower Farm has been a Pecal Level Business Member since 2015. A local, family-owned nursery, they specialize in native and adapted herbaceous perennials. They have long been a vendor at the annual Denton Redbud Festival, where festival-goers are able to choose from their variety of flowers, shrubs, and herbs. Their store in Denton is overflowing with pots and hanging plants – waiting for you to take home! Visit them at their store a 3801 Lariat Rd, Denton, TX 76207, or give them a call at 940.382.3789.

We asked the owner, Don, a few questions about Denton and why he chooses to support Keep Denton Beautiful.

How long have you been in Denton?
Lived here since 1990. Painted Flower Farm started in 1995 as a small horse farm. The nursery started in 2003.

What’s the most inspiring place in Denton?
The improvement in the Square and the “near Square”.

What impact do you think KDB has on the Denton community?
Urban encroachment in the last decade has changed Denton significantly.  Whether that is good or bad is a matter of opinion but it is real.  Urbanization can lead to decay and unattractiveness.  KDB and their activities have fought against the decay that is inevitable. It is hard to quantify what has been the effect of this fight since we don’t know what Denton would be like without KDB. My belief is that KDB has helped greatly to slow the decay associated with urbanization.

What does “Keep Denton Beautiful” mean to you?
Environmental activists volunteering to keep their community from suffering too much from the effects of increased populations.

What causes or other activities do you support in the community?
Native Plant Society; Master Gardeners; Community Market; Environmental action groups at UNT and TWU.

Is there anything new your business is working on this year, or seasonal projects?
Evaluating Hosta species as pot plants for shady patios, determining interest in Do-it-yourself succulent and other indoor potted plants.

We are so appreciative of Don and everyone at Painted Flower Farm for their support of Keep Denton Beautiful! Interested in being a member? Check out our Business Membership options.

Yard of the Month – 2015 Year End Wrap-up

YOM Ad Header 2015

Yard of the Month is a Keep Denton Beautiful program that focuses on community beautification. The program recognizes Denton citizens who maintain exceptionally clean and beautiful properties. Nominations for the program are open to the public from March through October of each year, and one winning Yard of the Month is selected by KDB volunteer judges. A Business Yard of the Month is also selected each month to award local businesses who maintain exemplary properties.

To be considered for this award, a property must meet a set of criteria.

A special rider is attached to the Yard of the Month Winner sign when Dyno Dirt has been used in the landscaping. Dyno Dirt compost, mulches, and soils are nutrient-dense, retain moisture, and are sustainably produced primarily from yard clippings and food waste.

Winning yards are honored with a Yard of the Month Winner sign for a full month, and the owners receive a goodie bag filled with swag, along with a free, one year, Family or Business KDB Membership!

Yard of the Year


Congratulations to the residents of 1021 North Carroll Boulevard! This beautiful yard has been selected as Yard of the Year!

This year is the second year that Keep Denton Beautiful has awarded a Yard of the Year. The winner was selected from this year’s Yard of the Month winners as the most beautiful yard in Denton! More pictures and information about this property are listed below. In addition a goodie bag, this home owner will also receive a custom, 8×10 watercolor portrait of their home, by local artist Amanda North of Chromatic Ecstatic. Her work is beautiful, and the portrait she creates of this yard is sure to be gorgeous!

Residential Winners


1909 Archer Trail - April - Collage

1909 Archer Trail

Though the owners of this yard have lived in this location for over 15 year, they previously lived in Japan for 10 years, an experience that has had a huge influence on their gardening aesthetic.

A few reasons why we like this yard:

  • The landscaping has a lot of texture and color.
  • Native and adapted plants, such as Evergreen Ferns, Mahonias, Firepower Nandinas, Japanese Red Maple, Purple Oxolis, Dragonwing Begonias, Purple Coneflower, and Native Columbine, add interest and make this yard more sustainable.
  • Decorative pottery pieces and iron work have been used as hardscaping.


1021 N. Carroll Blvd. May - Collage

1021 N. Carroll Blvd – Yard of the Year

This home was purchased by its current owner over 22 years ago, and has been transformed over the years. The homeowner is an expert landscaper, and owns Don’s Lawn Service.

A few reasons why we like this yard:

  • The yard owner loves using perennials, shrubs and grasses that are watersmart and can withstand the Texas heat.
  • Native and adapted plants, such as Yaupon, Nandina, Cherry Laurels, Chocolate Crepe Myrtles, Holly, Monkey Grass, Lantana, Knockout Roses, and Irises are used.
  • The attention to detail – the use of decorative pots, finials, metal work, and woodwork – make the yard and home a work of art!


303 Mimosa Collage

303 Mimosa Drive

This yard is owned and cultivated by a family who has lived in the home for nearly 20 years. In the time they’ve been there, they’ve transformed the property from a water dependent, grass-and-shrub-dominant space, to a watersmart, native plant-filled garden that feels lush and looks beautiful!

A few reasons why we like this yard:
• The owners made use of watersmart ground coverings instead of using grass.
• It houses native Post Oak trees, one of which is home to a Night Heron!
• The owners grow their own produce – tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, pepper, okra, and more – in a raised bed garden.
• Native and adapted plants, such as Pidgeonberry, Coneflower, Horseherb, Turks Cap, Vitex, and Inland Sea Oats, make up the landscape.
• Locally made, sustainable Dyno Dirt, Dyno Double Grind, and Dyno Landscape Mulch are used to maintain the yard, along with mulch created by the homeowner with his own wood chipper.


628 Headlee - July Collage

628 Headlee Street

This property was built by its current owner – a Denton native – in 1985. Over the last 30 years, the homeowner has celebrated his love of the local community by using Denton landscapers and filling his yard with native and adapted plants.

A few reasons why we like this yard:

  • Inland Sea Oats, Turks Cap, Vitex, Woodland Ferns, and other native and adapted plants make up the landscape.
    • The homeowner has used locally made, sustainable Dyno Dirt to maintain the yard.
    • Sculptures and hardscaping add a lot of visual interest. Both British and Asian influences have been incorporated through these art pieces.
    • The owner has worked with a local landscaping company to design the yard.


1015 Ector - September Collage

1015 Ector St.

This property was built back in 1959 and is still owned and maintained by one of the home’s original owners. The long-time Denton resident does all of the landscaping herself – mowing the grass, tending to the plants, and gardening in the large vegetable garden in the backyard. With help from her son, she has added solar LED lighting to her flower beds.

A few reasons why we like this yard:

  • Native and adapted plants, such as Verbena, Salvia, Nandina, and green and purple Oxalis, make up the landscape and are favorites of the owner. She loves native plants because you don’t have to “coddle” them.
  • The stones used in the hardscaping have been recycled and repurposed from an old building.
  • Though the homeowner likes to use mostly sustainable, adapted and native flora, she likes to experiment with plants – like her thriving banana tree – to add a little extra interest

Business Winners


U Centre - April - Collage

U Centre at Fry Street

Located at 1221 West Oak St., U Centre at Fry Street is an American Campus community that houses over 600 residents – mostly students at UNT.

A few reasons why we like this yard:

  • The U Centre is beautifully landscaped with tons colorful spring flowers and mature trees.
  • Native grasses and shrubbery have been used to make this yard more sustainable.
  • The owners of this property have made an effort to keep cigarette litter to minimum!


Oak Street Draft House - may Collage

Oak St. Drafthouse

Located at 308 E. Oak St., OSDH finds its home in one of the oldest houses in town. OSDH has been a popular spot in Denton since they opened their doors in 2012.

A few reasons why we like this yard:
• Sculptures and art pieces found around the property add a lot of visual interest.
• The back patio is covered with a stone gravel – an easy to maintain, watersmart alternative to grass.
• Mural art in the biergarten is just so very Denton.
• OSDH employees do a wonderful job keeping the grounds litter- and cigarette butt-free.


SOHO - June - Collage

SoHo Salon

Located at 913 N Locust St., SoHo is a full-service salon that has been a popular spot since they arrived on the scene in 1989. Not only do they offer salon services, but the space is also a destination to find art and apparel made by local artisans.

A few reasons why we like this yard:
• Most of the perennials on the property come from local nursery, the Painted Flower Farm.
• The owner works with a local landscaping company to keep the property looking pristine.
• Native plants, such as Turks Cap – a favorite of the owner – find their home on this property.
• A sense of community has been built around this yard; SoHo has been known to share plants with clients, and clients share plants with SoHo!


Wash It Kwik - July - Collage

Wash It Kwik

Located at 1825 West University Drive, Wash It Kwik was built in 2002 and has served the community well, with their drop off laundry services, since they opened. The owner wanted to make sure that the property was both beautiful and sustainable, so he worked with a local landscaper to design and install the landscaping.

A few reasons why we like this yard:

  • Native plants, such as a 12-foot Yucca and a Burr Oak tree – favorites of the owner – along with beautiful, watersmart cacti find their home on this property.
    • The owner works with a local landscaping company to maintain the property and keep it looking pristine.
    • Locally made, sustainable Dyno Dirt has been used to keep the yard at its best.


University Courtyard - Sept - Collage

University Courtyard Apartments

Located at 200 South Bonnie Brae St., University Courtyard Apartments is an apartment community in Denton near Apogee Stadium and Rayzor Ranch.

A few reasons why we like this yard:
• The space is landscaped and maintained by a local, Denton company.
• A nice variety of plants and flowers have been used, many of which produce lovely, fall color.
• Xeriscaping – with the use of stones as alternative ground covering – makes the landscaping more watersmart and sustainable.
• Native plants, such as Nandina, cacti, and sweet potato vine fill the flower beds.


Yard of the Month 2015 Full page ad

Special Thanks to This Year’s Volunteer Judges

Gloria Alexander

Jerry Alexander

Carol Brantley

Tracy Durmick

Tammie Gurley

Tammie Hopper

Thank you for your hard work and dedication! You help to promote the beautification of businesses and neighborhoods across Denton!

Become a Yard of the Month Judge!

Volunteer Judges commit to serve for a full program season (8 months long), and nominate yards on a monthly basis. This opportunity is eligible for Master Gardener volunteer hours! For more information, email volunteer@kdb.org.

Nominate a Yard

Have you seen a yard that’s worthy of being honored as Yard of the Month? Submit your nominations! You can also nominate yards via Instagram using the hashtag #KDByard.

A huge THANK YOU to all winners and nominees! You are helping to make Denton more beautiful!